Beat the Heat: Keeping Your Pet Cool This Summer

Beat the Heat: Keeping Your Pet Cool This Summer

Here at Pawsome Pets, we know how much you love your furry friend, and summer's scorching temperatures can be ruff (or hiss-terical) for our pets. Don't worry, we've got some pawsome tips and tricks to keep your pet cool and comfortable all season long!

Hydration is Key:

Fresh, cool water should always be readily available. Invest in a pet fountain to encourage drinking and add some fun to their hydration routine.
Frozen Kong toys filled with healthy treats or broth are a great way to keep your pet cool while providing mental stimulation. Consider adding ice cubes to your pet's water bowl (be sure to remove any sharp edges) for an extra refreshing cool down.

Shady Spots & Cooling Solutions:

Create shaded areas in your backyard or patio for your pet to relax in. Cooling mats can be a lifesaver, providing a comfortable spot for your pet to escape the heat.
For adventurous pups, invest in a kiddie pool or sprinkler for some splashy fun (supervised playtime, of course!).

Walks & Playtime:

Schedule walks and playtime for cooler times of the day, like early mornings or evenings.
Avoid hot pavement; opt for grassy areas or stick to shaded paths. Keep walks shorter and focus on hydration breaks rather than strenuous exercise.

Grooming & Sun Protection:

Regular brushing helps remove excess fur, keeping your pet cooler. For light-colored pets, consider a pet-safe sunscreen on areas prone to sunburn (like ears and noses). Always consult your veterinarian before using any sunscreen on your pet.

Bonus Tip:  Treat your pet to a refreshing summer haircut!

By following these simple tips, you can ensure your pet has a happy and healthy summer. Remember, a cool and comfortable pet is a happy pet!

Don't forget to visit Pawsome Pets for all your summer pet essentials! We have a wide selection of cooling mats, kiddie pools, pet fountains, and refreshing treats to keep your furry friend happy all season long!

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